• What is YouthDev?


This is an initiative by the National Youth Office led by The National Assembly and  Honorable. Gideon  Keter  to capture youth innovation and talents across different fields and areas showcasing them as a way of creating employment and exposing Kenyan youth to markets, potential investors and employers as well as new business opportunities


  • How legit is this competition?


The competition is has received the go-ahead from both the Kenyan Parliament and the Senate.


  • What is public participation?


Public participation in Kenya is considered a crucial pillar of the Kenyan Constitution. It promotes democracy by providing the public with the opportunity to take part in decision-making processes in government.

Public participation in Kenya is especially important in the budget process and the legislative process. Other areas where public participation in Kenya should take place include the public procurement and tendering process.

The Kenyan Constitution is supplemented by other Acts of Parliament. All these form the legal framework for public participation in Kenya.



  • Why is public participation important?


The importance of public participation is captured in Article 118 of the Constitution which mandates Parliament to facilitate public participation. The citizen involvement in policy-making and implementation strengthens and deepens good governance, promotes transparency and fosters accountability.



  • Is it a requirement for all members of the team to have a background in web and application development?


It is not a requirement. What really matters is that one has the skills needed since the second round will involve some development/coding to come up with something close to the main application. The mock-up of the application will be showcased to the judges during a live event. Additionally, since the winner's award is to basically take part in implementing this for the Parliament of Kenya, it will be prudent to have someone who can do this with minimum supervision.


  • Can a team have two members with a background in web and application development and the other with a background in any other field?


YES. We believe that members have different strengths in the team.


  • When will I know I have qualified?


By visiting http://youthdev.co.ke/faqs/, you will find the keys dates. However, these dates have been revised and updated on the website. The Application will close on the 10th of May and vetting will begin immediately. You should be able to know if you have qualified by the latest 15th May 2019.


  • Why have a competition and not get people to implement the project?



The main reason as to why the National Assembly and The Senate opted to have a competition for the project is to while creating opportunity also capture the innovation of Kenyan youth in the field of ICT.

This will sell out Kenya youth talent and innovative creations to the region and other stakeholders across.



  • What are the project timelines?


The competition officially kicks off on 25th of March 2019 with a preliminary registration period that will run for 30 days which will then close on 25th April 2019. From there there will be a two weeks panel sitting to go through the entry ideas and the top 10 picks shall be announced and entrants shall be contacted and invited to the Parliament on briefing on what the full project entails. They shall be then give a four(4) weeks period to come up with the complete application according to the requirements and shall present in front of the judges panel and invited media entries. The competition shall end on 6th June 2019


25th March- Registration Commences

25th April- Registration Closes and Vetting Begins

9th May- Top 10 entrants announced and invited for a briefing at The Parliament

6th June 2019- Final presentation and winner announced


National Youth Development

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email: info@youthdev.co.ke


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